Melissa & Derrick Wedding

With a wedding season that has been plagued with inclement weather Melissa & Derrick were lucky enough to enjoy one of the “nicer” days of the year….however I’m pretty sure given there personalities (*and wedding party) it wouldn’t have mattered much if a tornado ripped through Lake Pearl….they were going to have a blast either way! Such a fun day from start to finish!

Gia & Ryan Wedding

<insert> “April Fools” weather joke here!…… Gia & Ryan were definitely well equipped and mentally prepared for their wet & snowy April 1st wedding day!
Regardless of the weather, we really had a perfect day up at the River Mill in Dover, NH!
If things had to happen inside, this is was the perfect couple & a great place to see it happen!


Lisa & Dana Wedding

Although I still have a few weddings left for the year….I guess you could say that yesterday “officially” ended my wedding season.
AND yet again….another beautiful November weekend!
I was so happy to see Lisa & Dana enjoy some outdoor formals and an overall geogrous wedding day at the *awesomely unique Jones River Trading Post.



Kristyn & Joe Wedding

I spent a brisk but beautiful Saturday with Kristyn & Joe…the entire day was about as pefect as you can imagine!
This was every Brides *dream October wedding…..except for the fact it’s the second week in November!! 🙂
With leaves still on the trees and a great outdoor ceremony; shawls become more of a fashion accessory than they were a necessity!
An all around great evening at the Plimoth Plantation with one of the nicest couples I’ve met all season!